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You can search the familiar fields: Title, Author, or Subject in the usual way.

For the broadest results (most like browsing) search the Category field. The library uses the following categories in the database--the same categories identified by color coded tape on each book. 

Click on a category to search the catalog directly:

For Best Results

The search function of this software is based on matching what's in the database.  However, it's not necessary to enter the complete Title, Author, Subject, or Category in the text fields. Often a search can be completed with just one or two words. 

Word order matters--If you're not sure of the exact order, start with only one or two words. (For Author search start with last name only.)

Spacing matters (must match the spacing in the database)   Enter a word or two that you are sure of. 

Punctuation matters (must match the punctuation in the database)   Enter words that you are sure of.

Capitalization does not matter--It can be all caps, no caps, or standard capitalization.

Searches for books by Category and for Religious Education Curriculum Materials ranked by age bracket can be linked directly from this page.

Religious Education Curriculum Materials

The Teacher & Parent Resources books have been ranked according to their suitability for different age groups; the age brackets are listed below. These books can be found by searching in the Subject field.  [Enter R E Curriculum / age bracket]

Click on an age bracket to search the catalog directly:

All Ages
PreK-Grade 2
Grades 3-6
Grades 9-12
Teacher Resource