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Sandy Spring Friends Monthly Meeting


Community House Renovation

Now It is Our Turn

The time has come for us to serve as a living witness of Friends values by improving our Community House to better perform our spiritual work. The early Friends of Sandy Spring built the Meetinghouse with future generations in mind. Just as they gave generously then, today we need every member of our community to contribute to the fullest extent to create our own legacy for future generations. Through your generous gifts, after a short eight-month construction period, we can have an enduring and sustainable Community House that enriches vital areas of the Meeting’s spiritual life today and tomorrow.

Architect and Meeting member Miche Booz has developed a plan to transform the Community House that is simple, sustainable, and economically feasible.  His design for the new addition balances the campus by echoing the timeless appearance of the brick Meetinghouse.

The spiritual life of the Meeting will be improved in important areas such as First Day School, Community Events, and the Library

First Day School

The children of Sandy Spring are the future Quakers of the world. Classrooms that are comfortable, safe and bright, and able to accommodate a growing Meeting membership will help to nurture these young Friends.

Susan Thornton Hobby, Clerk of Religious Education Committee

Community Events

The new space and modern kitchen will be so much more flexible and welcoming for Meeting hospitality such as the weekly coffee, memorial services, and wedding receptions as well as more inviting for rental by other local organizations.

Julie Taylor and Wayne Finegar, Clerks of Hospitality Committee


With the opening up of the Lyceum, we will double the shelving allowing the children’s books to join the main collection, making the library easier and more comfortable to use for the whole Meeting.

Jenny Lord, Clerk of Library Committee

Small Version of First Floor Plan

Second floor and attic floor plans

Sustainable Strategies from Miche presentation